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ProductPrice in USDPrice in EUR
JTAGTEST Software (license) + ViaTAP JTAG-USB Interface$119€75
ViaTAP JTAG-USB Interface (Limited JTAGTest)$59€39
Flat JTAG cable 10pin (for use with Altera®, AVR, MPC BDM, ...)$2€1.70
Flat JTAG cable 14pin (for use with ARM, MIPS EJTAG, Xilinx®, Microchip®, ...)$2€1.70
Flat JTAG cable 20pin (for use with ARM)$2€1.70
Prototyping board TQFP-128 14x20$10€7.5
Prototyping board TQFP-10 14x20$10€7.5
Prototyping board SOIC-WIDE$8€7.5
Prototyping board PLCC32$8€7
Prototyping board DIL48$8€7

Compare functions of fully licensed and limted/unlicensed JTAGTest.

Click here for list of JTAG cables available for ViaTAP and JTAGTest

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